Aurora Feint

Aurora Feint 1.4.1

Addictive Bejeweled-style puzzle with RPG elements


  • Nice graphics
  • Original mixture
  • Addictive puzzle


  • RPG elements are quite basic

Very good

The best thing about the iPhone is that it's really much more than just a phone. It's also a great gaming device, for example. And Aurora Feint is one of the best games I've tried so far.

Aurora Feint is an original and surprisingly addictive mixture between a Bejeweled-style puzzle and a basic RGP. Like in any other puzzle, you have to gather at least three identical tiles to make them disappear of the screen. And like in any other RPG, you create a characters, level it up, learn new skills and collect new tools as you progress along the game.

Aurora Feint takes full advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer, which means you can turn the device left, right or upside down and the pieces will be reorganized on the screen accordingly. This can be very helpful when you get stuck, as turning the iPhone to one side completely rearranges the playing area in Aurora Feint and gives you the possibility to find more appropriate tiles.

As for the roleplaying element in Aurora Feint, it's limited to learning skills and buying new tools from the game's shop, both of which will help you with the puzzle bit – by far the most addictive one. The package is complete with very elaborate graphics and a nice, sweet background soundtrack.

Aurora Feint mixes basic RPG elements with the typical yet always addictive colored tile puzzle: an original mixture that has turned out to be a real time-waster.

Aurora Feint


Aurora Feint 1.4.1

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